Fall/Winter 2020

When Peter was 19 he performed his first internship. He spent part of a summer sitting in front of a phone in the newsroom of a local television station in Detroit. Nobody told him what to do or what he was supposed to do. There were nine other interns in the exact same situation. At one point, there was a management shakeup and more than half of the newsroom staff were fired. The people who hired Peter and who were supposed to be his supervisors were fired. He was an intern without a job to do and without anyone to tell him what job to do. He wandered around the station a lot. Eventually, he met a reporter who worked on the morning show. As they needed help on said morning show, that reporter suggested that Peter come in early to lend a hand. Real early. Peter spent the rest of the summer getting up at 2am so that he could be at the station by 3am so he could work on the 6am newscast. He also spent the rest of that summer writing copy for said 6am newscast. He’d write it at 4am or 5am or 5:59am and they’d read it live on the air. It was his first job as a writer. You can see where that led.

Studio DAD offers a single, part-time internship every quarter. Our interns are paid money. They’re also paid in experience. Are you a designer or a writer or an animator or an illustrator or a maker or a thinker and you think we’d have something to offer each other?


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