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People love Portland. One reason it’s so loveable is Metro. Since the 1970’s, Metro has managed the Portland metropolitan area’s parks, performance venues, zoo, public transportation, land usage and whole lot of other things. Portland wouldn’t be Portland without Metro. Still, over 70% of local residents didn’t know who they were.

Problem #1 was the old logo. It was created around the same time at Metro. It was cool, but not really useful anymore. We developed dozens of concepts, hundreds of sketches and empathy headaches with each other. But it was worth it. The client loved the final logo (and we were pretty proud of it too).

Logo Design - Visual Identity - Illustration - Print Design

We  also needed a visual identity system to bring the logo to life. We created a flexible color palette, typography and a comprehensive illustration library representing every part of the metro region.

We applied it to postcards, business cards, print ads and the like. Today, it can be seen on buses, billboards, signage and more all over all of Portland.

As part of our continued relationship with Metro, we created this video as part of an Instagram campaign promoting Metro’s new parks finder website:

Video Concept + Music + Design:

dean 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 donohoe


Katie Farwell


Alex Oyler

Thanks to everyone at Metro!

Creative Directors:

dean 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 donohoe


Tess Donohoe

Meg Odell

Mette Hornung Rankin

Jon Schafer


Peter Dean

Jennie Hayes


Kate Grenadier

David Lowe-Rogstad


Owen Jones