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Where does old paint go? 

If you’re throwing old paint in the trash, we need to have a talk. You can recycle it pretty much everywhere. In Portland, most recycled paint winds up at MetroPaint. They take the old stuff and make new paint that’s just as good as the competition and a whole lot cheaper.

Concept Development - Social Media - Styling - Photoshoot 

Photo Credit: Metro Paint

The big problem was that MetroPaint had almost zero name recognition. Or maybe it wasn’t a problem. If no one knows who you are, you can do pretty much anything you want. You can create yourself in any image you choose.

To get the lay of the land, we looked at what the big paint money competitors were doing on their feeds. It was all so similar as to be almost indistinguishable. The only rule was to look different than them. 

Another difference between MetroPaint and the competition was money. They had a relatively endless supply, we didn’t. Enter ingenuity.

From the concepts to getting covered in paint to taking the photos and using Tess’ living room & pantry as our nearly exclusive source for props, it was all us.

Tidbit: we did the s’mores setup first so we could eat the graham crackers & chocolate while we did the rest.

Strategy: Katie Farwell