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Under Armour

L O O K  B O O K S

Concepting - Studio Photography - Copywriting - Print Design - Practical Type - Flip-Book Easter Egg

Under Armour asked us to create a series of lookbooks exhibiting their growth from a company built on technical sportswear to a lifestyle brand.

So we asked ourselves: what can we do to make this look as little like workout gear as possible?

Ok, it’s still sportswear. We did a photoshoot with lots of shoes and action shots of athletic people. But everything outside of that was fair game. So we made a solemn agreement: all pages (all 168 pages) would be treated as unique, no repetition.

The book’s theme was the elements. We built a huge library of textures and 3D renderings.  There were lots molecules interacting with molecules and elements.

For the section headers we created practical type, which we then photographed. Ingredients included dirt, a black light, sand, ice and smoke.

It was printed with foils, spot glosses and some expensive paper. The final book was pretty impressive. UA even gave it a launch party in NYC and invited fashion editors from publications across the globe.

A few months later, it was time for book #2.

We used vellum overlays throughout the book. These added a textural element, but also allowed us to create visual reveals at unexpected moments.

We developed a theme of data visualizations, but that alone wasn’t enough. The visualizations evolved throughout the course of the book. From hard and analytical to flowing and human.

We went to UA’s headquarters in Baltimore to shoot all of the models (and more shoes).

Back in Portland we we shot a whole bunch of product (or as they say in the biz “laydowns”) on big, white boxes. Aside from looking cool, the boxes played into our data visualization theme.

Our favorite part was a little flip-book we hid in the top corner of the book. If you flipped through at just the right spot, a little cube spun around and changed color.

Creative Directors:

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Rachel Avallone

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